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Ausflug zur Ilha da Culatra
Dezember 19, 2016
Mit Hund nach Marokko und zurück
Januar 1, 2017

This post will be different. I know, normally I write in German, but I promised Lila and Maria (you'll learn more about them later) that I'll write this article in English so that they can understand everything. And now the story:

On Monday evening we were searching for a Restaurant to eat our dinner. We were walking along the street in Olhão as we suddenly spotted a sign saying 'Tasca O Galo'. It looked very inviting to us so we followed the sign and came to the entrance.
We hesitated a short moment but then the door opened and Maria (at that time we didn't know her name) invited us to come in. We entered the Restaurant and found us standing in a small room, with few tables. We looked at the menu and decided to stay there for dinner.
There was a very cosy atmosphere and we felt at home immediately.

After a time we ordered our starters: Bread&Company, Green Olive Tapenade and Hummus. As it was served we tried everything. It was really good!
After that we ate fresh shrimps, Pork loin with Mushrooms and fresh clams with garlic. It is very difficult to describe how it tasted. It was amazing, everything! We never ate such good food. You have to try it to understand what I mean.
For dessert we ordered the cake of the day (fresh cheese cake with red berries and a cake with poppy seeds, both home made!) and Chocolate Mousse with 70% Cacau. When I say the dishes before were amazing then I don't know a word for the cakes and the mousse. Great, fantastic, unique?
You can see, we were filled with enthusiasm. But it was not only the food which caused this. Also the atmosphere. Imagine, you sit there, in a small room, hear silent portuguese music and talk from time to time with the two ladies, who lead the Restaurant. We have never felt so well in a Restaurant.

They told us their names. Lila, who is responsible for the kitchen and the owner of the Restaurant. And Maria, who serves the dishes. They are sisters and run the Restaurant nearly 3 years. Really great! They both were very friendly and communicative. We had a lot of fun and they told us everything we wanted to know.
In the end we took a photo together. The painted pictures which you can see in the photo are painted by Lila. They are very beautiful.

Lila and Maria when you read this: thanks a lot for the fantastic evening!


If you want to know more about Lilas Restaurant you can click here to visit the Facebook site, which for example shows photos of the menu.
Or you click here to read the reviews of Tasca O Galo on trip advisor.

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